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E-Commerce and web marketing:

Complex steps of creating an e-commerce store is the main factor stopping many merchants from starting their online business. A legitimate question most merchants ask is "How do the people find my website?" 

The fact is that many products have no chance to be sold on the Internet. For all others, you have some chance of success only if you do it right in the beginning and continue to expand it as needed. A typical successful online store may start with an initial investment of $5000 to $10,000.  Future maintenance and upgrades are also required. In addition to that a successful store may spend thousands of dollars every month for online advertisements. 

The good thing is that you don't have to start big in order to get results. You can start with a limited investment and then add to it as your online business grows.

To simplify your startup process, we offer you a turn-key online store so you can start selling in just a few months.

Using our e-commerce StoreProgramô, we setup your online store and promotional website and we maintain them on our worldwide accessible network. We will also train you so you can add new products and process your daily orders.

Some of the unique features of StoreProgramô are:

  1. Upgradeable (Free upgrades)
  2. Customizable to specific businesses
  3. Can use different types of database
  4. Order status option: Allows the customers to view the status of their order.
  5. Auto fill customer information: Returning customers can save time because the system automatically fills up their order form.
  6. Additional security options for the administration.
  7. Versatile shipping options
  8. Versatile tax options
  9. Calculates delivery dates while ordering.

For more information about this service call 973-405-6249 or click here to apply online.

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