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Free E-Commerce and web marketing:

Internet is now the most convenient and the most widely distributed communication method that can be used to automate many services including commerce. Any time during the day or night you can visit your favorite online store and brows through the products without being rushed or distracted by a sales person. You can then enter your own order, select a shipping method and pay by your credit card. If you change your mind at any time, you can simply walk away without being embarrassed. These are just parts of the benefits of e-commerce services and online stores.

Despite the wide use of the Internet for e-commerce, there are still many wholesalers and retailers who are not offering online ordering to their customers. Maybe they are not sure that it will work for them, and maybe they are afraid of the high initial costs or anticipate high maintenance costs in future. No matter what is stopping a merchant from initiating an online service, we are eliminating all the doubts by offering free e-commerce services to qualified merchants.

Qualification is free, set up is free, hosting is free, and even the web marketing services are free. You (as a merchant) just pay us a commission on your completed sales.

In other words, we bring the customers, you complete the sales and then you pay us a commission at a rate we agree in advance.

We own and operate a large network of computer servers, websites, software applications and development tools that can be serving your business.

For more information about this service call 973-405-6249 or click here to apply online.

What is included?

This is what we do for qualified businesses who apply for our free e-commerce service.

  • Create a website to introduce your products. (You may already have one)
  • Create an online store for secure online ordering.
  • Link the website to the online store.
  • Add initial few best selling products to the website. Best selling products will be identified based on your previous sales history and the sales history of similar businesses.
  • Provide training to one computer literate individual in your company to manage the website, add more products and get daily orders.
  • After completion of your e-commerce web site we will review its activity periodically and perform or recommend changes or upgrades as required.

What are some possible upgrades?

Your initial website gets the order and you have to manually charge the customerís credit card while you process the order. This can later be automated using the quick charge module.

Quick Charge is an additional module that can be added to your website so the credit cards will automatically get charged or verified when a new order comes in.

The other possible upgrade is the quick label.

Quick Label is a module that can print general purpose shipping labels.

What is the commission rate?

Depending on the product type, average invoice, and the targeted market the commission rate may vary from 5% to 35%. We will determine your commission rate while evaluating your business for e-commerce service. This rate will be offered to you in your qualification report or proposal.

For some clients this rate may also cover the costs of a merchant account, credit card discounts, and all related fees.

What if I am not qualified?

If your business is fully qualified, it means that we anticipate a high income from your e-commerce service and we are willing to invest on that. We pay all the costs and expenses to create an online store for your business and wait until the sales starts and receive our commission.

If your business is mid-qualified, we may still offer you a turn-key e-commerce system. Being mid-qualified means that your business can benefit from an e-commerce website; however, we do not anticipate high enough profits to partner with you. A turn key e-commerce system that may cost as low as $5500 will usually cover one online store license, setup, training, and the initial web marketing services. A monthly maintenance fee of $75 will cover hosting, phone support to one designated individual and free upgrades when available.

For more information about this service call 973-405-6249 or click here to apply online.