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As always you can bring us all your problems when you need a research consultant. After all, we are professional researchers with focus on science and technology. 

Among all other services, we are now offering some special services tailored for the current economical needs and technological changes in the United States.

  • E-Commerce Development

  • Web Marketing

  • Web Design

  • Development of Web based database and business applications

  • E-Commerce and web marketing turn-key

  • System automation for remote control and management of equipment or information.

  • Networking: If you are implementing a network at your company, you certainly don't want to do it again next year. Networking is among development tasks that requires a detail analysis and planning. Side.net provides networking solutions for small and medium size businesses. We do need analysis, planning, implementation and multi-platform support for both LAN and WAN.
    Call today to discuss your networking needs.

  • Programming: Internet programming provides interactivity to the web-sites. Programming allows creation of advanced business applications on the internet that can be accessible by millions of users. E-Commerce applications that allow businesses to sell on-line are among the most widely used programs.
    At Side-net we use advanced programmimg languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl and Visual Basic in both UNIX and Windows NT environments to create CGI programs and Interactive web sites.
    We do also have ready to use, FREE CGI programs available for our clients. Form Mail is one of the commonly used programs.
  • E-mail Services

    Side-Mail is the ultimate Internet mail service for organizations with 25 to 10,000 e-mail users. Side.mail is an advanced e-mail service that allows your entire company to have e-mail addresses in the form of AnyName@yourbusiness.com.
    Any number of employees, anywhere in the world can benefit from uniform and easy to remember e-mail accounts. We maintain mail-servers and perform the e-mail administration services for your entire organization with a fraction of the cost.
    If you prefer in-house mail servers, we can provide you with a Side-Mail e-mail server and a dedicated Internet connection and you still can benefit from our remote administration and support.

  • Web Hosting
    We maintain your web-site in our high speed internet servers, connected to high speed digital Internet Connections. Browsing your web site must be a pleasant experience.
  • Website design
    We will help you present your company on the Internet in the most attractive way.
  • Web Access
    We offer a large varieties of options for internet access. Call us to find out what is our best solution for your needs and your budget.
  • Marketing Strategy Design
    We will develop an efficient marketing strategy for your company for the Internet zone.
  • Graphic Design
    We will create an original company style for you, any kind of office papers and advertising materials.
  • Software development
    We are able to create any software helping manage your growing business.
  • E-Mail Services
    We provide e-mail account to your entire staff all over the world. Free connection and free . . .
  • Start your own business on the Internet
    We could help moving your existing business to the Internet or establish a new one.